Drive Axle

“If they want to have their vehicle as well as their own peace of mind to be taken care of, this is where they must go. This shop cares as much for their customers as they do their cars. That says a lot because most repair facilities only care about the money. TOS is a genuine repair facility, one that you trust from the moment you call or walk in.” – Joseph S ★★★★★

Drive Axle Repair

If you hear a loud clicking sound when you turn the wheel in your Toyota, Honda, Acura or Lexus vehicle, it’s time for a mechanic to check out your drive axle. Chances are there’s a constant velocity (CV) joint that needs replacement, but in some cases you can actually save if you get your drive axle replaced instead of having the CV joint removed and then another one put in. Bring it to our import experts, and we’ll help figure out what’s best. What makes TOS the best choice?

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