Drivetrain And Differential

“If they want to have their vehicle as well as their own peace of mind to be taken care of, this is where they must go. This shop cares as much for their customers as they do their cars. That says a lot because most repair facilities only care about the money. TOS is a genuine repair facility, one that you trust from the moment you call or walk in.” – Joseph S ★★★★★

Drivetrain and Differential Service

The term “drivetrain” refers to more than just one part. In fact, it’s the major systems that the power produced by the engine passes through on its way to the drive wheels. That includes the transmission, drive shaft, drive axles, differential, CV joints and related subsystems. If your Toyota, Honda, Lexus or Acura feels like it needs attention in any of these areas, or if you just want things checked out for preventive reasons, come to the Asian Import experts at TOS. Benefits of our drivetrain and differential services include:

  • Restore Power, Performance, & Mileage
  • Differential Inspection, Repair & Fluid Services
  • Our Asian Import Specialization Saves You Money
  • Factory Trained, ASE Certified Technicians
  • Certified Master Diagnostic Technicians
  • 36 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty Nationwide
  • Toyota, Acura, Lexus & Honda Expert Specialists

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